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Provides information about digital content formats from the viewpoint of maintaining sustainable and accessible archives.


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Searchable database of file extensions for data formats, with information and notes on each.


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Resource for those requiring definitive information about the file formats, software products and other technical components required to support long-term access to electronic records.


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 4 - Wotsit's Format Browse Website open in new window
Detailed file formats and data formats for programmers. A large collection of programming resources with detailed information.


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Searchable file extension list including descriptions and associated applications.


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 6 - Dot What?! Browse Website open in new window
Database of file extension information. Supports users comments and submissions. Includes discussion forum.


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 7 - FileInfo.com Browse Website open in new window
Database of file extensions with information about each file type.


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Names many file formats and their extensions.


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Searchable database of file extensions, explaining what they are used for and which programs they are associated with.


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Contains information on main file formats as well as an FFID registry and a signature file permitting the identification of files from their contents. Also contains tips on how to design new file formats.


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