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 1 - Kitelife Forum Browse Website open in new window
Discussion group for visitors to Kitelife. Topics range from current kiting subjects to bi-monthly issues of Kitelife, history, fun and tips.


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Discussions about Kite Surfing, Kite Buggying, Kite Skating and Kite Skiing. Topics include kite traction information, tricks database, product resources and reviews. Official forums for NABX, DBBB and SOBB kite traction events.


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Email list for the discussion of matters related to the design and construction of traction kites.


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 4 - KiteZone Forum Browse Website open in new window
Discussions on parakarting, mountainboarding, traction kiting and other power kiting sports.


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Community forum open to all for discussing all aspects of kiting. Topic categories include power kiting, single, dual and quadline kites, kite building in the UK.


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Email list created for people who enjoy land based power kiting activities. The group discusses different types of equipment, events, and other aspects of this traction sport.


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Discussions about making kites. Topics include plans, materials, and sewing.


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Discussion group providing information on where and when to fly in Charleston SC.


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The Official E-Mail group of the ConnectiKITERS Kite Club.


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Message board for a loosely organized group of fliers from West Central Illinois.


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