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10Gbps 1310nm Single Mode Dual SC 10km XENPAK Transceiver Module with DDMI. We have ready stock for XPK-10G31-10 and can ship it out in two business days.

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The XPK-10G31-10 must be operatred within the specified temperature and voltage limits. The optical ports of the module shall be terminated with an optical connector or with a dust plug.

Key Features
Manufacturer: Fiber-Mart
Product Type: XENPAK transceiver module
Interfaces/Ports Details: 1 x SC Duplex Connector 10GBase-LR
Data Transfer Rate: 10 Gbps
Wavelength: 1310nm
Transfer Distance: 10km
Operating Case Temperature Standard: 0°C~+70°C
Built-in Digital Diagnostic Function
Average Output power:-6~-1dBm
Receiver Sensitivity:-15dBm

10G Ethernet
Building Vertical Riser
Building Vertical Riser
Inter and Intra Campus
Data Centers
Other Optical Links

Ordering Information
Part No.     Data Rate (Gbps)     Wavelength (nm)     TX Power (dBm)     Re Sens. (dBm)     Transmission Distance     Fiber Type     Connector Type     Temp. Range     Digital Diagnostics
XPK-10G85-3M     ≤ 10     850     -7.3~-1     ﹤ -10     300m     MMF     SC     Com./Ex./Ind.     Yes
XPK-10G31-10     ≤ 10     1310     -8.2~0.5     ﹤ -15     10km     SMF     SC     0~70 ℃     Yes
XPK-10G55-40     ≤ 10     1550     -4.7~4     ﹤ -16.5     40km     SMF     SC     0~70 ℃     Yes
XPK-10G55-80     ≤ 10     1550     0~4     ﹤ -23     80km     SMF     SC     0~70 ℃     Yes

xx means compatible brand. (For example: CO= Cisco, JU=Juniper, FD=Foundry, EX=Extreme, NE=Netgear,etc. The two characters are short for compatible brand.)

Antistatic bag
Packed on pallets in a box(Default Customer Options)
Specific Labels as Request
Seperate white Box for each transceiver

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